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Aaron Moody

Aaron is a very valuable member of The Lawnmowers. He is always there to lend a helping hand. He is part of Beat This, Kulture Krew and the Outreach Team. Through Lawnmowers, Aaron got a placement at Seven Stories on a Tuesday which he thoroughly enjoys and recently won Volunteer of The Year Award which he is very proud of! 

Aaron also enjoys anything technical; film making, photography, lighting and sound. 

Top Lawnmowers Moment

"My favourite memory was with Boo when we did the Krocodile Krew training. It was six weeks and I passed. That's my best one."

What do others say?

"Aaron is a good glass musician. He is really creative using the magic box. You pick out whatever you want. There is a whistle and a toy hammer. He just jams the stuff out."

"He gets on with people. He is a good listener and communicates with others."

"He is very very helpful. He makes sure everyone is alright and keeps people on task if they are losing focus."

"I like it when he comes in to do doing drumming and outreach and Kulture Krew. He just gets on with things. He doesn't moan about anything."

"He is a great photographer."

"He has a kind heart and is a genuine guy."

"Once he is committed to something, he has a lot of energy and passion for it. I remember when he was doing the Tesco song and he was just so committed to it."