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Andrew Gladstone

Andrew is a talented poet and songwriter, visual artist and workshop leader.

He has recently completed an Arts Award.

Andrew loves playing pandeiro, drawing on canvases and listening to music

You might hear Andrew call himself "cartoon man/boy" because he knows he can enter the dream world to go to happy places.

 "All things make me who I am and I wouldn't even change the bad ones. Without them I wouldn't be so funny or psychic."

What others say

"When he does the drawings on the board I think "wow". He is a really good drawer."

 "He is a really good drawer. It is a skill."

"Andrew is a fantastic facilitator. He is really clear when giving instructions. He makes me feel really at ease and comfortable."

"He's got a good heart. He'll listen to you."

"He's a great drummer and dedicated learner. He is really committed to being a good and helpful person."

"He tries his best at what he does. He's just passed his arts award even though it was really difficult for him."