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Andrew Mcleod

"I would like to give peace and prosperity and love to the world and through my words I know I'm doing that. It's important"


Andrew is skilled with words and puts this into the poetry and songs he writes. He also has a great passion and ability for making electronic music, which he does under the moniker, Northboy East, using 'reason' music production software. He is a generous and enabling facilitator and great actor, comfortable with many approaches.

Andrew is involved in many of Lawnmowers' projects, being part of Find your Voice, the  Krocodile Krew, Theatre for Change, the Fool Ensemble and the Outreach team. He's a very busy man!


" I love being part of Lawnmowers, it's the best thing I've done in my life and my skills are well used".


Top Lawnmowers Moment

"My most memorable moment was when we did the NVQ in Photoshop. The man was so impressed and said we did so well that we had actually achieved NVQ level 2 when we were doing the basic course. So in one course we went all the way up to level 2. Now I use it to do flyers for the Krocodile Klub. It was a good course to do."