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Andy Stafford

"Me? A good eye for detail - bit of a nit picker...hahaha"


One of Lawnmowers' longest serving members, Andy is a great actor, having performed and campaigned for social and political change with Theatre for Change since 1987.

He is also a key part of The Fool Ensemble, to which he brings his imagination and eye for detail.

Andy is developing skills in lighting and sound technology, something which he uses in the Krocodile Klub.

Andy is using his experience to take on a more directorial role in Lawnmowers productions, including the recent Big Brain Show.

Andy is also a member of The Outreach Team. He loves travelling to spread the word of Lawnmowers


Top Lawnmowers Moment

"A good memory was flying for the first time to go from Newcastle to Brussels, from Brussels to Poland to do The Big Sex show there. It was really good but the nuns kept their groups away. We had a really good time there. We were coming back from the pub one night and Paul went one way and these guys jumped out from nowhere and were shouting and balling at him. They were guarding a big hole in the road. It was hilarious."