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Dan Brunskill


"[I like to] make people laugh"


A well-known and well-loved personality in Lawnmowers, Dan is an amazing dancer, whether it's in the Krocodile Klub or on stage with Leaping Lawnies.

Dan is a confident performer, often taking a show to the next level with his energy!

His light-hearted and playful nature is contagious.

A great drummer, with a groovy sense of rhythm when he is playing with Beat This.

Also a core member of the Outreach team.

Top Lawnmowers Moment

"I liked running round the bandstand for all the runners in Saltwell Park. We were doing a gig for Race for Life. It was all women and I decided to run around at the end while the band were doing a drum roll. When they stopped I dropped on the floor."


What do others say?

"He's fun to be around."

"He's warm. He's got a warm heart."

"He gives great hugs."

"He is a great member of Beat This. He always gives the final sign when something is done."

"He is a great dancer. He puts the 'Dan' into dancing!"