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Emma Slocombe

“Being an artist means seeing who I am as a person. Seeing what I can do, but also, to make an audience feel how I feel is the most important thing for me. Because without feelings and emotions in performing of any sort or painting, say, no-one’s gonna get who you are as a person, and I think that’s important that people get who you are and who I am. With me, I’d like to inspire people. There’s not many learning disabled artists out there. And if I could inspire someone in some form or other with my music or my art, that would be the most important thing as well as how people feel. That would be important to me as well."

Emma is a passionate singer and songwriter, working solo, with the production of Northboy East and with Find your Voice.

She is also a talented visual artist.

She has been with Lawnmowers for a number of years, featuring in many films, nightclubs, gigs and theatre productions.

Top Lawnmowers Moment

"I remember when we did the show at the Cumberland arms with the Kulture Krew and I performed a song about John Willie Fellows who would have been my great great uncle. My mam helped me write a song about him."

What do others say?

"She's a talented singer."

"She made me feel good about myself by giving support during the brain show."

"She's a good gasser!"

"She's good for having a wind-up."

"She's a great dancer and a DJ."