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George Copeland

"I like to think I bring happiness and joy to the world and all those around me"

"I love to drum"


George is a long-serving member of the Lawnmowers team. He brings a committed, focused energy to the community, inspiring young members in their work.

George is part of Find your Voice, the Krocodile Krew, Theatre for Change, the Fool Ensemble and the Outreach team.

A strong passion for him is playing the drum, which he is developing all the time. He established the role of percussionist for Find your Voice, which is now key to their performances.

George is also skilled and interested in the technical side of arts production from lighting to sound.


Top Lawnmowers Moment

"I remember when Josh showed me about the drums with the singing group. It was nice how he showed me how to use the drums. It carries on now in The Brain Show and Find Your Voice."