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Scott Rowe

"You know me, I just go with the flow. I'm happier now in Lawnmowers compared to the old me where I wasn't happy. I'm loving life at the minute."


Scott is a thoughtful and caring Lawnmower.

He is a talented drummer with Beat This and enjoys working with Kulture Krew, particularly doing photography.

In the past he has worked as a CST at the Sage Gateshead.

Scott is interested in learning more from all the groups he contributes to at Lawnmowers, including the workshopping and outreach work he is part of.

He has a passion and interest to explore radio work.


Top Lawnmowers Moment

"I remember my very first drumming gig with Beat This when I had just joined. That memory sticks out for me. We were busking around Gateshead near a church with another drumming group. It was part of a Healthy Happy Gateshead."


What other people say

"He makes everyone laugh."

"He was a really good director in the brain show."

"He's a good laugh and a good listener."

"He's always there for people and is always willing if someone wants to talk."

"His smile is infectious!"